Update on Ice rink development plans

Several months ago, the club were pleased with the announcement that plans for the construction of a new ice rink as part of the Streatham Hub development were moving ahead. For our club and for the other Ice Hockey and skating groups using the Streatham Ice Rink, it’s important that there is continuity of a suitable ice rink facility so that the club is not impacted whilst this is built.

To proceed with the development, the developer Spenhill (for Tesco) wanted to change the original plan to build the new rink before the old one was knocked down to speed and cut the cost of the development of the site. To provide continuity of ice they proposed a temporary ice rink whilst the work is completed.

Artists impression of new rink in Streatham Hub development

The site of a temporary rink has been the subject of much discussion. Originally the Streatham Common was mooted but after heavy local opposition this was changed to the Pope’s Road Car Park site in Brixton next to the market. This car park has been closed since the end of 2009 due to concerns about it’s structure.

Plan for the temporary rink in Brixton

This has led to a campaign by skating groups and clubs using the current rink who fear that the chosen location, personal safety concerns, smaller size and lack of available parking at the proposed temporary rink provide little suitability and will prevent their members and visiting teams getting to and from the site. Sport England has also now rejected the proposed temporary ice rink as being suitable. There are concerns regulations for the sports have not been taken into consideration in the temporary design.

The proposed move has been rejected by the Brixton market traders who were promised replacement of the car park. There is already an issue with parking in the area which will be compounded by the addition of the facility should people choose to travel by car to it. Traders fear this would have a negative effect on their trade.

There are also fears that once the temporary rink is erected, that the developer may renege on their promise of a new rink in Streatham if they are not held now to the original agreement of a new permanent rink being in place and available to use before the closure of the existing one.

The club remains committed to seeing an ice rink provided in Streatham which meets the needs of all it’s skaters.

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