Mayor rejects Brixton site for Temporary Ice Rink

Mayor of London Boris Johnson this week advised Lambeth council the plan to close the current rink and move to a smaller temporary rink in Brixton was ‘not providing continuity of Ice rink provision of a comparable standard’.

He has objected to the council allowing a change to a clause to Section 106 related to the planning application originally submitted which said that a new Ice rink must be built on the current site and handed over to the council before the existing rink can be demolished. Varying the agreement would allow Spenhill/Tesco to place a temporary facility in Brixton on the Popes road car park site and then demolish the existing Ice Rink.

In a twelve page report he outlines the reasons for the decisions which include the poor parking provision, reduced specification of the temporary facility and specifically mentions the Werewolves of London Special Hockey team and the issues which its players and families would have getting to and from the temporary rink.

A decision by the council on whether to vary the agreement is due to take place on 2nd February and does not require the Mayors blessing however given the lack of support for the plan from many groups and Sport England, this may leave the door open to legal challenges should they choose to ignore the advice.

The mayor also pointed out that Tescos view that without the temporary rink that the development would not be viable was flawed as the recent approval of planning changes to allow a bigger store than previously proposed had increased the viability of the development somewhat.

There is also an article available with further detail on the Streatham Guardian site here

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