Fill in a survey for the Jack Petchey Foundation to get yourself heard!

Last year the Jack Petchey Foundation undertook a survey of youth attitudes and produced a report on these findings called “Listen Up”:

Jack Petchey Foundation Listen Up Survey results.

Over 6,000 young people took the time to voice their views and let us know the issues that really mattered to them. On account of such a powerful response the Jack Petchey Foundation were able to get extensive exposure for the good things that young people do in local and national press.

This year they are delighted to be taking this a step further, with a second report – Listen Up 2 – and they are calling for your help!

They want to know about the hopes and ambitions of young people in these changing times. They want to understand exactly what young people at Werewolves of London Special Ice Hockey Club have to say and they will then make sure that people in positions of influence and power, understand and react to these findings.

Listen Up 2

We would really appreciate it if  all 11-25 year olds at Werewolves of London Special Ice Hockey Club can complete the Listen Up 2 survey by clicking on the following link:

They can also access the survey through the home page on the Jack Petchey Foundation website

Everyone who completes the survey will get the chance to win an IPOD TOUCH!!!

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