Streatham Ice Arena Closing Gala

Sunday 18th December marks the end of the 80 year old Streatham Ice Arena which is due for redevelopment and which has been the Werewolves home for nearly 10 years.

Streatham Ice Arena is having a closing gala where many of it’s skaters and Ice Hockey teams – Present and Past will mark this historic and no doubt emotional event.

How do the Werewolves take part?

As you may already know, the Werewolves of London have been invited to participate in the ice gala planned for Sunday 18th December .  The idea is that Werewolves will take a turn to show what we do in about 5 minutes or so on the ice at about 4.40pm – we will probably have a quick warm up followed by a game.

If your Werewolf would like to participate in this please let Julie Williams know if you need to park at the rink so that she can try to reserve a parking spot. Parking is likely to be at a premium so it’s a good idea to arrive promptly at 4pm to park or find parking elsewhere. Please also allow sufficient time to put on hockey kit [full kit will be needed for the game].   There is no guarantee on parking due to the building work at the rink so if public transport works for you it would probably be better to use it or perhaps car-share.

Admission will be free for your Werewolf plus only one parent/carer.   All others, siblings etc will need to pay an entrance fee.

Everyone can participate in the on ice party from 6pm if you wish to stay for that.

It’s going to be great fun and historic event so I hope you can make it.

The full event poster can be viewed by clicking on the picture below;

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