Ice rinks under threat – Please sign their petitions

It was no so long ago that there was a real threat of the Werewolves losing their ice. Please help support other ice users fight to save theirs


A planning application has been made by ‘Unite’  who are the owner of the ice rink, to convert the Ice rink in Bristol into student accommodation. The ice rink has been open for 40 years and is home to a senior Ice Hockey club and many junior teams. It also has a healthy figure skating history with Olympic Gold Champion Robin Cousins amongst those who learnt to skate there.

Bristol Ice Rink - Under threat of closure

If the application is passed then the rink will close later this year leaving all these groups homeless. There is no plan to provide any other skating facility as part of this application and the nearest rink would then be many miles away. This would be a real blow to those who have put so much effort into skating programmes and ice hockey teams at the rink.

Please help by signing this petition against the application and closing of the rink.

The petition can be found here


The Romford situation is slightly different but has just as much of a devasting impact in the short term.

Romford Ice Rink - Being sold for retail

Havering Council plan to sell Romford ice rink to a retail firm, and use the money they get from the sale to build a new leisure centre which it’s said will have a new ice rink as part of it. This will not open until 2014 at the earliest. There is no provision to provide an ice rink whilst the construction is being done leaving the current ice hockey teams and figure skaters homeless until the new rink is completed.

There is a link to an e-petition on the home page of the Romford Raiders website which is petitioning Havering council to set up a temporary rink for the Raiders senior Ice Hockey team and all the other groups using the Romford facility for the period between the closing of the current rink and the opening of the new leisure centre.

Please sign the petition to help keep Romford Raiders, all of the junior ice hockey teams and skating groups that currently use  the rink on the ice. The petition closes on 12-02-2012.

Here is the link for the petition

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