Goodbye to Brixton and welcome home to Streatham

An ice rink has been present in Streatham for over 80 years, first opening in 1931. Sadly it closed its doors in 2011 but the new facility has now been completed and is ready for use.

The old ice rink was looking tired before it closed in 2011

The old ice rink was looking tired before it closed in 2011

Old Streatham features

Some features shown here on the old rink and from the old leisure centre have been incorporated into the new facility

After nearly two years of being welcomed and looked after by the people of Brixton in our temporary home, we finally move back to the new Streatham Ice and Leisure centre permanently this week.

Our thanks to all our volunteers who helped move our kit between the sites. It made the process of moving so much easier and we couldn’t have done it without you.

The temporary Ice Rink in Brixton served us well. This rink is now closed and will be removed from the site

The temporary Ice Rink in Brixton served us well. This rink is now closed and will be removed from the site

The rink will officially open on December the 10th when ‘Dancing on Ice’ and former Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle MBE will be present.

It’s really exciting to be back home and we hope it can be a catalyst for our club to help more and more young people with special needs enjoy skating and the sport. Remember our training dates and times are UNCHANGED but now take place at the new rink;

390 Streatham High Road
SW16 6HX

Whilst I’m sure there is excitement, we also appreciate that changes can sometimes be a little daunting and make some of the players anxious. There is a lot to take in – a new journey to the rink, new entrance, changing rooms, and bigger ice. We’ll try and publish as much information as we can on the process for getting to the rink, where to park, how to get into the rink and where to go when you are there and make sure you get the warmest of welcomes.

Whilst we wait for some of the operational details to be sorted out, here are some details and pictures of the rink.

The Streatham Ice and Leisure centre contains a full Olympic sized ice rink on the first floor above the Swimming pools and Gym. These are accessed on the ground floor. There is a Cafe on the ground floor by the reception area. Access to the Ice rink can be gained via the main reception or through a dedicated entrance. Both of these have turnstiles which require a card to gain access. There is a second floor which is also the upper part of the rink and has access to the Community room, refreshments and balcony. We will add more detail here when we get it.

Update below………………………………


There are directions to the rink posted on the official Streatham Ice & Leisure Centre directions page

Bus info can be found on the Transport for London website.


The car park for the Leisure Centre is underground and can be accessed by turning going down the slope next to the church between the new Tescos store and the Leisure Centre. Upon reaching the bottom of the slope, turning left takes you to the parking bays for the Leisure Centre and right takes you to the parking bays for the Tescos store. The parking uses vehicle number plate recognition upon entry and exit and there are no barriers.

Overhead view showing the layout of the new 'Streatham Hub' development

Overhead view showing the layout of the new ‘Streatham Hub’ development

Parking is Free for parent/carers vehicles during the Werewolves session times ONLY IF  the cars details have been registered in advance to be exempt from fees. To do this you need to send an email to with your players name and vehicle registration plate details as soon as possible. If someone else is taking your child remember they will have to pay parking unless their vehicle is registered in advance. Please remember that spaces in the car park are not reserved solely for our use and are shared with other leisure centre users. There is not a guarantee of a space. At this time we don’t anticipate an issue with parking but this leisure centre is new to everyone including the staff.

Parking at the leisure centre outside the Werewolves session times is not free so if you visit at other times please remember this.

Once parked, there are stairs and a large lift which will take you from the underground parking area to an outdoor ground level where you will then need to head right and walk round to the entrance of the leisure centre.

Outside of the new Ice and Leisure centre

Outside of the new Ice and Leisure centre

Cafe in Leisure Cente Lobby

There is a Cafe in the main lobby of the leisure centre

Streatham Rink and balcony

Picture taken from top row of seats facing the community room/bar (in orange).

Streatham Rink and Clock

View of the rink from the top row of seats showing the clock and scoreboard. The 6 changing rooms are behind this sloped seating.

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