Helena shows Werewolves spirit

We were shocked and saddened that a valued member and player at our club collapsed unexpectedly in January this year. We are therefore delighted to be able to report positive progress and a story of bravery and determination.

Werewolves player Helena epitomises the Werewolves spirit. She is battling back and showing the determination she always has shown on the ice.

When the gravity of her condition in early January was communicated to us, there was an air of shock and disbelief. Helena had collapsed and been rushed to Kings Hospital for an emergency operation to release water on the brain. Kings Hospital cared for her brilliantly but at the time nobody knew what the long term impact would be.

Helena has shown immense bravery to recover from this. We are delighted to hear the news that Helena will be leaving her rehabilitation hospital based in Surrey shortly and has begun to walk. Whilst there are still challenges ahead, Helena is showing that she won’t be beaten. She is an inspiration to us all.

Helena 1Helena 2

We are extremely proud of Helena for putting in the hard work and pushing on during difficult times when in pain and when progress seems slow.

We are delighted to have players like her as members of our club.

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