Special Hockey International Annual Tournament 2017

Werewolves are planning to attend the 2017 SHI Tournament in Peterborough, Ontario, which will be held from 15 – 18 March 2017.

Please let Mike Dwyer know if your Werewolf would like to attend the tournament, or if you need more information about the tournament, by Saturday 29 October.


The likely travel dates are departing Wed 15 March 2017 and returning Sunday 19 March (arriving London 20 March) – but you can travel independently on different dates if you wish to stay longer.

Costs (to be confirmed)

Approximate costs will be about £500 per air fare.   Hotel costs are in the region of £125 per night x 4 nights.   Player air fares will be reimbursed either in full or in part subject to the availability of funds.  (In the past we have mostly been able to fully cover the player air fare from club funds).

A contribution may be required towards ground transport costs from the airport to hotel and hotel to rink; and parent carers may need to pay the cost of the banquet tickets for non-players (players are free).

Please note that players must be accompanied throughout the trip by a parent carer who will be responsible for their Werewolf at all times.shi2017

Any questions please email me mike@werewolvesoflondon.org.uk but if you are at all interested in attending it will be important to let me know by Saturday 29 October at the latest  – thereafter I will limit tournament correspondence only to those who have expressed an interest in attending the tournament.



Don’t know what the tournament is?

Visit our Tournament page for info, locations, pictures, videos of previous tournaments or see the details on the Special Hockey International site

Where is the next tournament being held?

The tournament is being hosted in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada


We can reduce the costs to go through further fundraising. Consider whether there is something you can do to raise funds. Every little bit raised can really make a difference and this event is an amazing experience for players and their families.


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