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Most Hockey kit can be provided on loan to players thanks to Awards for All. The kit should be returned if your player leaves Werewolves or if you need to replace part of it due to wear or needing a different size. It’s important to care for the kit to make sure it remains usable and continues to protect well.

This page will explain;

  • The kit needed to play Ice Hockey
  • How to care for the kit
  • How to get dressed
  • Who to contact if there is an issue with the kit

What to Wear

armourunderkitNote: We do not provide Sweatsuits or skate/boot socks as we cannot reuse them but players are free to buy their own from the skateshop or wear their own undergarments and socks they feel comfortable in.

Before you leave for Training/Match

  • Check you have packed all your items of kit especially items like shirts and socks which you may have washed.

Kit Care



  • After practice dry the blades of your skates with a towel or flannel. (DO NOT USE YOUR JERSEY OR SOCKS)
  • It’s advisable that you buy blade soakers to protect them in your bag which you can get for about £7


  • Make sure all your kit is in your kit bag. At end of practice /match and before leaving home


  • Lay out and air your whole kit including skates and uniform
  • After airing, place all kit back in to your kit bag ready for next practice/match


  • Give your kit and bag a good airing out preferably out side on a sunny day


  • DON’T try and adjust your helmet yourself either ask in the shop or one of the coaches as over tightening the screws can damage it and too loose will not protect you properly
  • DON’T glue your name on to your jersey as when it’s passed on to another player it leaves a sticky residue
  • DON’T put your protective kit in the washing machine as this will damage it
  • DON’T wrap your skates in hockey socks or jersey as this damages your uniform
  • DON’T cut out the label or straps from ANY of your kit or uniform as this makes it difficult to hand out your kit when it doesn’t fit you any more.
  • DO wash your jerseys and socks on 30 degrees wash only. Dry on a hanger or washing line never dry in a tumble dryer or on a radiator.

Getting dressed

Order of putting on kit

1. Protective cup and garter belt
2. Shin/Knee pads
3. Team socks and attach to suspender belt
4. Hockey shorts/pants
5. Elbow pads
6. Shoulder pads
7. Neck guard
8. Team Jersey
9. Skates
11. Gloves

This handy video (courtesy of Mia Preece) shows how to get dressed


• Try not to eat within an hour of going on ice
• Go to the toilet BEFORE getting kitted up
• Bring water in suitable sports bottle


If you need any new kit contact : with the player name in the subject line

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