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Questions and Answers

Q. Ice Hockey seems to be a very physical sport, would my child be safe?

A. Ice Hockey is not without risk. However, Special Hockey is a non-contact form of ice hockey where deliberate body contact or checking is not allowed, and ‘winning’ is de-emphasised in favour of having fun. Full Ice Hockey protective equipment is mandatory and provided on loan at no charge to participants. Most of the training session is structured to improve skating and ice hockey skills through drills which are relatively low risk. The practice game (scrimmage) towards the end of our session is a relatively higher risk activity but is closely supervised by our coaches who endeavour to match players of similar abilities rather than the normal groupings by age. Parents are encouraged to speak with coaches if they have any concerns about their child’s participation in the scrimmage and if they would prefer their child not to participate in this part of the session. Many of the senior players love to encourage the new players and the atmosphere in the team is very friendly.

Q.  I’m not sure we can attend all the training sessions due to other commitments. Is this a problem?

A. No, whilst we would love to see you, it’s not mandatory to attend every session.

Q. I’m worried the training sessions would be too long for my player, are there shorter ones?

A. The coaches will endeavour to ensure that every player enjoys their session. Parents are encouraged to speak with coaches about their child’s particular needs. As each player’s needs are different, those who need shorter sessions or frequent rests are catered for and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.

Q. I love the idea but your club is too far away for me to travel to. Is there another team more local to me?

A. Werewolves of London is currently the only special ice hockey team in London and another team ‘Special People on Ice (SPICE Jets) in based in Slough, Berkshire (see this page for details on all known Special Hockey clubs in the UK) . We would love to see others start up. Remember the first program in the USA started with just two players so it can be done. If you are wanting to start a team in the UK, contact Mike Dwyer who can tell you the basics you will need to get started.

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