Special Hockey International Annual Tournament 2017

Werewolves are planning to attend the 2017 SHI Tournament in Peterborough, Ontario, which will be held from 15 – 18 March 2017. Please let Mike Dwyer know if your Werewolf would like to attend the tournament, or if you need more information about the tournament, by Saturday 29 October.

Tournament a howling success for Werewolves

The Werewolves of London Special Hockey team completed a very successful trip to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for the annual Special Hockey International tournament.

Special Hockey International Tournament 2015

The Werewolves of London are looking forward to the Special Hockey International annual tournament in March being held in Ottawa, Canada.

Special Hockey International Tournament 2014

The tournament might be over but our Team England side consisting of players from the Werewolves and SPICE Jets special hockey teams had a great time and fond memories.